Landscape photographer. Will travel.


Sanjiv Kapoor is a freelance photographer based in San Jose, California.  Sanjiv specializes in landscape & nature photography all over the world.  
In addition to photography Sanjiv has a wide range of outdoor interests including rock climbing, skiing, backpacking & motorcycling.  He has a fetish for several Japanese pursuits including raising Nishikigoi "Koi" fish, trimming his bonsai, and tinkering with his Japanese maples and bamboo plants.
1) Beginners "take" pictures.  Passionate photographers "make" pictures.  
2) Master your camera.  Master your technique.  Develop your vision.  Refine your processing.  Immerse yourself in the joy of practicing your art.  Repeat.
3) We do not record pictures of objects.  Rather, all we do is record light.  More precisely we record how light interacts with objects.
4) Simplicity is the essence of all things beautiful.
Most of the work shown here is available for fine art print sales in sizes up to 30x40" suitable for commercial use and private collections.  The prints are best viewed in natural light.  Prints are on display at locations in Silicon Valley.  Sanjiv also supplied all the artwork for the Angkorian Hotel in Cambodia (opening early 2016).  On site consultation for print customers is available.       E-mail your questions by filling out the attached form. 
Use the "Buy" page to order your prints.  Top 20 print sellers are available for electronic checkout.  E-mail us for quotes for other print or for bulk sales.  We offer discounts to verifiable non-profit organizations.